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Coffee is the developing world's second most valuable export product, after oil. Today, two-thirds of the world's coffee is produced in Central America and the Caribbean. So when coffee growing methods change and threaten bird habitat, that is bad news for birds that breed in North America and winter in the tropics. Ornithologists find that in full-sun coffee plantations, the number of bird species is cut by half, and the number of individual birds is cut by as much as two-thirds. In 1995, Partners in Flight first publicly connected the decrease in the number of migratory birds in the Americas to the increase in sun-grown coffee. Read more on the MOS Conservation page, Coffee and Conservation.

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MD/DC Records Committee
The MD/DC Records Committee reviews unusual avian sightings that occur in MD and DC, and determines the adequacy of the submitted documentation. It also maintains the official lists for both locales. Many of the Committee's reports and listings are available on line.more...
Breeding Bird Atlas
View results of the Maryland Breeding Bird Atlas.more...
MOS Sanctuaries
The Maryland Ornithological Society manages a number of sanctuaries throughout Maryland. MOS sanctuaries encompass areas of unique ecological significance, as well as typical Maryland habitats from the mountains to the coastal plains. They are open to the public.more...
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