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2018 MOS Annual Convention

February 02-04

Holiday Inn on 66th St

Ocean City, MD

Our next convention will be held on Friday-Sunday, February 02-04. This mid-winter date is meant to maximize our chances for waterfowl, alcids (Dovekies, Razorbills, etc), gulls, and rarities. While an unusual time for an MOS convention, these dates duplicate our successful conference in Ocean City, 2012. Our meeting will be hosted at the newly-renovated Holiday Inn on 66th St, reasonably close to the Ocean City inlet and jetty. We plan to have the jetty covered by observers throughout the convention, with any rarities reported to convention headquarters. We plan the usual full program of field trips, research posters, a birding supply store, and several seminars, along with a few innovations. Our Friday post-banquet speaker will be well-known MD ornithologist Dr Peter Marra, Head of the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center. The annual MOS business meeting will be held after Saturday dinner. Note the change in name, "convention" rather than "conference," as better denoting the spirit of the event.

The customary brochure outlining the schedule of events and prices, and containing the mail-in registration form, will be e-mailed to members this year, for savings in time and postage, from their chapters by mid-October. (Those members not served by e-mail will receive their brochures directly from MOS by surface mail, as in the past).

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Conference Pins

For each conference, a pin is selected and given to each participant. Conference pins illustrate the conference year and a bird species appropriate to the conference site. Pin designs are selected by competition and are highly treasured conference souvenirs. Many conference attendees proudly display their colorful collection of pins going back many years.

 2018 Convention Pin Contest Rules 

 Pin Collection (previous stellar pins)