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You are here: Home - Sanctuaries - Overnight Facilities - Carey Run

Carey Run

Garrett County

NOTICE: All domestic animals must remain on a leash while on this property.

Fifty-two acres of Carey Run Sanctuary were acquired December 1, 1962. An additional 110 acres were purchased in 1973, giving a total of 162 acres. The property is essentially the valley of two small streams, Carey Run and Hefner Run. Consequently, it has relatively rugged topography. It is representative of a farm found in this area in the early 1890's. Most of the original 52 acres and some of the additional acreage are fields. Some are mowed to be maintained as fields, while others have been planted in trees and shrubs to attract wildlife. In 1966 a 1/3-acre pond was constructed. There is a stand of mature Hemlocks, and mature and cut-over deciduous forests. The elevation is 2400-2600 feet, imparting a northern influence on the biota.

About 150 species of birds have been recorded at this sanctuary. You can find all them on the species list. In the mid-1980's, breeding birds included Ruffed Grouse, Wild Turkey, Black-capped Chickadee, Veery, Golden-winged Warbler, Black-throated Blue Warbler, Black-throated Green Warbler, and Vesper Sparrow.

There are many unique or uncommon plants in this area of the state. Starflower, Great Rhododendron, Canada Lily, Hellebore, Gay Wings, trilliums, and many mushrooms and other fungi are found in forests of Sugar Maple, Sweet Birch and Hemlock.
Animals besides birds are also common. Salamanders, including Red Efts, can be found in the moist forests. Weasels, beavers, and bears have been sighted in addition to the usual mammals of the area.

The old farmhouse was built in 1887 from white pines growing on the property. It contains a basement, living room, kitchen with dining area, front and back porches, three bedrooms upstairs, a shower room and two large powder rooms. Bunk beds are available for sleeping. The grounds include a tool shed and a spring house. There is no telephone.

The sanctuary is closed during the winter months from the second weekend in October to the last weekend in April.

The article Know Your Sanctuaries - Carey Run, by Dale B. Fuller and Myra C. Taylor in the December, 1971 issue of Maryland Birdlife. provides more historical information and a rich account of the early years at Carey Run.

Braddock’s Road Trail – A new and very remarkable self-guided trail now wends its way along the eastern border of the property. It follows a portion of the “Braddock Road”, used by British General Edward Braddock when he marched on the French during the French and Indian War. Nearly a mile long, the trail was planned and constructed over a two-year period by T.C. Hager as an Eagle Scout project, and its completion coincided with the 250th anniversary of Braddock’s march. Thirty-one interpretative signs provide information on the history of the trail and on the local flora and fauna. You can view a photo gallery of the trail by following this link.

Directions to Carey Run: 
From Frostburg, go west on I-68 to Route 546    4 miles
Go south on Rt. 546 (Beall School Road) to "T"     1 mile
Turn right to first fork in road     0.25 miles
Take right fork to bend in road     0.5 miles
Turn right on Carey Run Road to wooden bridge     0.25 miles
Cross bridge, turn left to first right     1 block
Turn right and continue to sanctuary house     0.25 miles

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