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MOS Sanctuaries

Rules for Conducting Research

Persons desiring to conduct research projects at any of the MOS sanctuaries must apply in writing to the MOS State Sanctuary Committee Chairperson. The request must give a detailed explanation of the research subject and its purposes, along with the following information:

  1. The number of persons involved in the project, their names and addresses, and whether or not they wish to live in the Sanctuary House [if any] or on the premises.
  2. Project starting and ending dates.
  3. Qualifications and references of the person in charge.
  4. Whether or not results of the research will be available to MOS.

On receipt of a request, the MOS State Sanctuary Chairperson or a designated representative shall meet personally with the applicant to discuss the proposal. The State Sanctuary Chairperson shall then confer with the chairperson of the local sanctuary committee involved, and with the State MOS President. These individuals may seek the expert advice of other MOS members if they desire, and the local sanctuary chairperson may consult the local sanctuary committee.

If consensus is reached to accept or reject the project, the applicant shall be notified in writing of the decision. If the opinion is not unanimous, the question shall be referred to the full State Sanctuary Committee for settlement.

If the project is approved, the person in charge must sign an agreement to:

  1. Accept full financial responsibility for any damage done to MOS property and equipment by the project team, and also for damage done to neighboring property or persons.
  2. To hold MOS harmless and release it from all liability for any injury to self, to family, coworkers, or other guests during the project.
  3. To take adequate care of all property, dwelling and equipment.
  4. To be cordial and considerate to visiting MOS members and sanctuary neighbors.
  5. To ascribe to the Regulations For Usage Of The Sanctuaries Of The Maryland Ornithological Society.
  6. To obey housekeeping rules as prescribed by the State and local Sanctuary Committees. These shall be presented in writing to the applicant or shall be conspicuously posted in the Sanctuary House.