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The Maryland Ornithological Society
Application to Register
a Property as a Sanctuary

Location of property:

(County, highway route number, address and other details to help locate the site on a State map)

Approximate acreage:

Name of Owner:

Address of Owner:

Are you a member of the Maryland Ornithological Society?

I hereby apply to have the above-described property registered as a sanctuary with the Maryland Ornithological Society. I agree to post it with signs provided by the Society, and to maintain conservation practices designed to protect the wild plant and animal life which it contains.

I declare my intention of doing my best to see that the property is treated strictly as a wildlife sanctuary as long as the Maryland Ornithological Society signs are used to post it.

I understand and agree that the use of these signs does not give the Maryland Ornithological Society any rights whatsoever over the lands on which the signs are erected, nor does it in any way place any liability upon the Society with respect to the use of such lands.

Please send me _____ posting signs at $4.00 each plus $1.00 each to cover postage and packaging.

I enclose a check or money order, payable to the Maryland Ornithological Society, for $__________.

Date: _________Signed:____________________________________

General Information: To be effective, posting signs should be placed at intervals of at least every 500 feet along the borders of the property, at all corners, and at road or trail entrances. A few spares for replacements are also suggested.

Send one signed copy of this form with your check or money order to the address shown below. The other copy is for your files.

The following application may also be filled out if desired:

I wish to apply for membership in the Maryland Ornithological Society. I understand that further information, including the dues schedule will be sent to me.

Date: ________Signed:____________________________________

ATTN: Karen Morley
2719 N. Calvert St., Baltimore, MD 21218

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