The MOS Logo -- a blue patch with yellow lettering and a white swan.


I   ________________________   hereby request permission to conduct

a research project at the MOS   ______________________________   

Sanctuary beginning   _______________   19 _______    and ending 

_______________   19 ________ .

I attach hereto a letter explaining in detail the nature and purpose of the project, along with the names and addresses of coworkers, if any, who will assist me on a full or part-time basis. I also list my qualifications for this work, together with personal references.

I   ________________   [do or do not] wish to reside at the Sanctuary House.

I will be accompanied by   ___________   members of my family
and/or research team.

NAMES:                         ADDRESSES:

______________________________ _______________________________

______________________________ _______________________________

______________________________ _______________________________

I agree to the following conditions pertaining to the conduct of research projects on the sanctuary property and/or tenancy of the Sanctuary House:

  1. To accept financial responsibility for any damage done to MOS property and equipment or to neighboring property or persons during the term of the project and/or residency.
  2. To hold MOS harmless in the case of any injury to me, to my assistants, or to my family, arising from the conduct of the project or from the occupancy of the house.
  3. To keep the house and immediate surroundings clean and presentable, and to abide by specific housekeeping rules posted in the Sanctuary House.
  4. To be cordial to and considerate of visiting MOS members and sanctuary neighbors.
  5. To ascribe to the regulations for usage of the sanctuaries of the Maryland Ornithological Society.
  6. To present MOS with a copy and/or abstract of the project with findings. If the project includes the banding of birds, a copy of each day's banding records must be filed with the sanctuary banding records.
Signed   ____________________________________________

Date   ______________________________________________

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